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The Keyword Brain

Next Level Keyword Optimization Based on Your Own Brand’s Converting Search Terms

The Keyword Brain is no ordinary keyword tool, it does not generate generic data that may or may not work for you but rather it takes your own search term data from multiple sources and highlights key insights of where you can maximise ROI from your best performing terms across your marketing channels and monopolise on completely missed opportunities of terms with potential.


The Keyword Brain

Keyword Insights To Take Your Optimization to the Next Level

Discover the algorithm proof way to find hidden search terms through your Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing that convert specifically for your brand and transform both your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) alongside your PPC results!

Why spend hours chasing ranking positions for keywords which underperform when it comes to driving actual business?

The Keyword Brain will help you focus your attention on ranking for the money making search terms that generate the right engagement that affects your bottom line.

Go Beyond The Generic

Standard keyword tools provide you and all your competitors the same generic 3rd party keyword information based on the labels of ‘most popular’, ‘search volume’ and ‘keyword difficulty’ which at its best is an estimate of all available data most of which is skewed by multiple factors, not relevant to your brand and inaccurate to varying degrees. These tools are great to help you generate an ideas list that you refine using your own market and brand intelligence but can result in everyone blindly fishing in the same pond with varying results and no immediate understanding of whether the suggested terms will create any meaningful engagement or ROI for your brand.

Customised Research

The Keyword Brain takes you to the next level of keyword research by gathering your own personalized data from multiple sources and presenting you with factual conversion based search term data data. This arms you with the necessary cross channel insights to intelligently understand which specific search terms are actually generating the engagement that matters most to you and will benefit your business far beyond simply ranking on the first page of Google. The Keyword Brain highlights  the insights to inform how you can maximize on the terms that are most profitable for your brand but it also clearly identifies at-a-glance all the missed opportunities to optimize across your channels.

Results That Matter

Your personalized marketing data plus our expert level digital marketing data intelligence gives you at-a-glance clarity of performance opportunities so you can quickly focus your precious optimization efforts on ranking for search terms that you already know generate the types of engagement that are most important to your business saving you time and money and increasing your return on investment. Don’t waste any more time on lengthy efforts optimizing for terms that you think or hope will be beneficial for your brand only to find that rankings do not equal conversions – test your ideas through paid ads and quickly analyse your results through The Keyword Brain to maximize your ROI.

SEO & PPC Cross Channel Optimization

The founders of The Marketing Brain have core specialisms in user experience and conversion focused SEO, PPC and branding acquired over more than 25 years’ with a comprehensive understanding of how to analyse, utilize, and monopolize upon data insights across multiple digital marketing channels.

It has never sat right with us that within our industry insights tend to get siloed with whomever takes care of each specific channel and not shared for greater overall benefit which is why our suite of tools are designed to help you view and understand how your marketing channels can feed and learn from one another as part of an intelligent ecosystem.

The Keyword Brain

Test How The Keyword Brain Will Help You

Don’t take our word for it – take advantage of our 14 day free trial period to test out for yourself how The Keyword Brain will help you to make and prioritize highly informed decisions to significantly improve your SEO, PPC and overall online marketing performance in regard to not only ranking positions but more importantly ROI!

We Use Your Own Custom Data

The Keyword Brain pulls in data directly from your target website and the various associated sources to give you a perfect overview of all of your significant data into one place coupled with the intelligence to analyse the value of it.

The importance of connecting your own data sources is paramount to gaining the kind of insights that ensure you are focusing your market efforts on what works specifically for your brand in its unique glory rather than taking a cookie cutter approach based on 3rd party data.


The Keyword Brain Dash

Real ‘Search Term’ Analysis

We take complex traffic, event and conversion data from multiple sources (that even if you are an expert is highly time consuming to collate) and analyze it based on which genuine search terms users actually typed into the search bar that result in your desired engagements and conversions on your site NOT the generic ‘keywords’ these real searches are usually aggregated to.

Focusing on searches that actually produce tangible and specific business results rather than just ranking results and genuine ‘search terms’ vs the generic ‘keywords’ that everyone in your sector is chasing are the key areas where The Keyword Brain becomes a real game changer!

Ease of Understanding

We present all of the data to you in simple traffic light summary cards which mean you can quickly and easily make crucial decisions as to where to invest your SEO efforts most profitably no matter your skill level or experience.

Identify at-a-glance your quickest and easiest wins to develop the most intelligent yet intuitive roadmap of SEO improvements based on what matters to you most – how your audience engages with you and begin their journey to become your loyal customers!


The Keyword Brain Quick View

Intelligently Informed Decisions

There is a minimal learning curve with The Keyword Brain as it was designed for all users to be able to make informed decisions with confidence without having to learn how to use complicated software.

Imagine what a great feeling it would be to know that the next decision you make could significantly improve your SEO  and other marketing efforts and more importantly your businesses bottom line with very little work!


‘Search Term’ Research vs ‘Keyword’ Research

As marketers we should be focusing on the source of the actual unfiltered search typed into the search bar which (in Google’s world) is typically called the ‘Search Term’ (in Google Ads) or ‘Search Query’ (in Search Console).

‘Search Terms / Queries’ typed by users are aggregated into Keywords / Key Phrases that are actually more generic terms that Google (in its mighty wisdom) has matched to the pure search but often barely resemble the real search and therefore can be misleading.

Whatever vernacular you use it’s important to understand that The Keyword Brain focuses on identifying your conversion based insights associated directly with the specific and unfiltered ‘Search Term’ that the user physically typed to ask for what they wanted because that is where the most transformative insights are!

Keyword Brain Card

How Do I Get Started?

Test The Keyword Brain with zero risk via our Starter Plan 14 DAY FREE TRIAL!

After your trial period the cost is ONLY $15 per month with NO CONTRACT and you can CANCEL ANYTIME.


Test us out on a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL!



(After your trial period has proved it’s worth you can continue using the platform from only $15 per month)

Connect Your Accounts

Give read only access permission to your website, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Search Console so The Keyword Brain can immediately pull in all of your own custom data in one place and utilise our marketing intelligence to pull together incredibly valuable insights

Maximize Your Results

Our dashboard delivers intelligent, at-a-glance, easy to digest search term insights prioritized by what you have defined in Google Ads as meaningful conversions for your business so that you can quickly and easily determine where to focus your SEO optimization efforts for significant increases in ROI

Tim Hill

"What an amazing piece of software! Finally something for SEO and online marketing which anyone can understand. A perfect partner for my financial work."

Tim Hill – Management Accountant – The Financial Game

The Best Next Level SEO Keyword Tool Around

No More Guess SEO

Whatever SEO software or process you use you need to begin with a search term or keyword. You may use POP, Cora, Surfer SEO etc… or any other system that you like but you will always be looking to optimise your on page SEO for a list of terms that you think will be beneficial for your business. 

The Challenge is that you can never know if the terms you focus all your time and efforts on will create the right kind of engagement and conversions so until all the hard work is done to optimise your pages and you are ranking and receiving traffic you efforts are based on guesswork.

Zero in on ROI

Whether you sell a service or product or have an affiliate site your pipeline will have specific points of engagement that will result in generating a target number of leads, conversions or sales each month. If you just focus on optimising for positions and traffic for keywords that have large volume they will often be generic and not the searches that will generate the results you want.

Utilising the simple traffic light insights The Keyword Brain provides for you will enable you to easily maximise your optimisation efforts moving away from blind quantity to a methodology of focused quality.

SEO Like a True Pro

SEO’s at the top of their game are not just focused on or satisfied with the glory of top positions but what those positions and traffic actually mean for their client’s ROI and bottom line. They do not waste their time optimising generic keywords that do not perform in the way that matters.

The Keyword Brain effectively does what the top PPC and SEO experts do manually but we’ve made it quicker and easier bringing all the data into one place and added a layer of intelligence into the process so that in order for this to work you do not need to have any PPC knowledge or prowess.

Choose Your Plan

All our plans run on a NO CONTRACT, CANCEL ANY TIME basis with a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL on our Starter Plan so you can be sure you will benefit before you invest.

*If your agency needs more simply contact us for a custom enterprise plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Keyword Brain so different from other generic keyword research tools?
  • This is NOT a replacement for standard keyword tools designed to discover and suggest keyword ideas, The Keyword Brain is designed for ‘next level’ keyword research which identifies the effectiveness of keywords specifically for your brand by prioritizing which searches based on conversions not guess work
  • Standard keyword tools will only ever give you generic keyword data which then MUST be tested for your brand and The Keyword Brain will give you the best data insights
How does The Keyword Brain work?
  • We pull your own data from your website and associated marketing platforms
  • We apply expert level digital marketing, conversion based intelligence that clearly highlights your own brands key data insights
  • The accumulated data insights from multiple sources enable your to quickly and easily assimilate and prioritize your optimization efforts that you now know will significantly improve your ROI
  • The Keyword Brain gives you the opportunity to make custom brand decisions and focus on optimization that encourages the actual engagements and conversions that matter most to your business
Who is The Keyword Brain designed for?
  • Full service digital marketing agencies and digital marketers and business owners running multi channel marketing
  • We present your data insights in a clear and simple way that both technical and highly experienced markers and non-technical, less experienced marketers can understand and take highly valuable, actionable insights from
  • Full service agencies find that The Keyword Brain helps close the gap and improve sharing, synergy and understanding between their specialist teams so they optimize for conversion, improve results and serve their clients better without the need for extra resources, time or endless meetings
  • Business owners love the fact that The Keyword Brain give them a high level overview across their channels that helps them have more informed and intelligent conversations with their marketing teams and agencies in regard to where to focus keyword optimization efforts and budget for the strongest ROI
    Can I do a free trial?
    • Yes we offer a free 14 day trial on our Starter plan which gives you full access for 1 x url and 1 x user to get a feel for the benefits then once you’re happy the pricing plans start from only $15 per month
    Am I tied into a contract?
    • You are not tied in to a contract as we want you to continue to use the platform for its merits and believe that you’ll feel no need to cancel due its benefits but you have the flexibility to do so if required
    • You also have the option to change your plan at any point
    • If you pay monthly you can cancel at any point within the month and no further payments will be taken
    • If you pay annually you can cancel at any point within the year and no further payment will be taken when it reaches the end of your year of access
    How do you take my subscription payments?
    • Payments are set up on a rolling direct debit basis and your agreed amount will be taken either monthly or annually depending on how you have opted to pay
    • You can cancel at anytime in the admin area of your login and no further payments will be taken


    How do I cancel my subscription?
    • We very much hope that you will not feel the need to cancel your subscription and that The Keyword Brain continues to serve you indefinitely but if you need to its super easy
    • You can cancel at anytime in the admin area of your login and no further payments will be taken
    Do you offer support during the free trial?
    • Yes we do, there will be step by step videos and documentation for you to follow and if that doesn’t answer your query we will give you direct support to ensure you get the best out of the platform
    Do I need to have an ecommerce website?
    • No, the software works for a wide range of websites including one page sites, brochure sites, ecommerce and many more and you can track what levels of engagement are important to your individual business.
    • If have any doubts whatsoever you can always start with our free 14 day trial to experiment with how The Keyword Brain can best suit your needs
    I’m focused on SEO so why do I need to set up Google Ads?
    • Many hours, days, weeks and months of valuable efforts and skills can be wasted in regard to on page search engine optimisation unless you know ahead of all your efforts which search terms tend to create more engagement from your audience 
    • By using Google Ads you can drive immediate traffic for your proposed keyword list to your site and very quickly find out how engaged users searching those terms are when they visit your site giving you the ability to analyse the value of those keywords specifically for your brand and website and if they are worth investing the necessary SEO work needed to rank on the first page  
    • The Keyword Brain will make life easy for you by not only letting you know which search terms are generating conversions and therefore are deemed high value but it will also tell you where you stand organically for that same keyword helping you to formulate an effective roadmap
    What if I don’t know anything about Google Ads?
    • For this to process to work you DO NOT need any PPC knowledge, skills or strategy
    • No matter your level of experience it will only take minutes to set up and manage and you will gain incredible insights with the ability to completely transform your SEO performance
    • You can spend as little or as much as you like on your Google Ads campaign as an experiment to find your most beneficial keywords and also turn it off whenever you wish
    • If Google Ads is not your thing don’t let the thought of running paid ads put you off or make you miss out on superior results! You can set up a simple campaign in just minutes, straight out of the box (with just a couple of refinements for performance), on a low spend* that will give you a clear understanding of where to focus your precious on page SEO and content efforts for maximum results!

    *The competitive nature of certain industries will mean spending more but the benefit of the insights and overall ROI invariably outweighs the costs.

    How much will I need to spend on Google Ads for The Keyword Brain to have enough data?
    • The appropriate spend per day will vary depending on your sector and the typical CPCs (cost per click) for the keywords you want to focus on
    • If the CPCs are quite high in your area of focus you will need to spend an amount that would generate enough volume of traffic in order to generate the kind of engagement you require – the level of volume needed would be based on the conversion rate of your site. For example if your site converts the levels of engagement you are looking for at rate of 50% or more you will need much less traffic to generate the data you need that if it converts at less than 10%
    • You will draw important data in regard to the value of search terms from softer ‘event conversions’ such as users looking at specific content or playing a video as well as more traditional conversions  such as submitting an enquiry or making a purchase so there should be plenty of data for the system to work with
    • Remember if your industry is known for very high CPCs although you may have to spend more to receive engagement and conversions of course paid ads are still worth the investment as it will gain you the engagement you desire plus it will teach you where to prioritise your investment of time and efforts on SEO
    Should I stop running Google Ads once I have discovered my best search terms?
    • No, it pays to keep running and pulling in data from your Google Ad campaign because it will continue to generate fresh information about new search terms that are creating engagement for your business
    • 2022 statistics show that Google runs around 99,000 search queries per second, which adds up to a whopping 8.5 billion searches per day and the average person searches Google three or four times per day
    • According to Google it has never seen 15% of these searches before which tells you that there are always new opportunities to discover by going the extra mile with your insights while your competitors lazily only rely on generic 3rd party keyword data