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Less Work & More Benefit

We are innately simple, straightforward and inclusive people so naturally our platform follows suit providing quick, easy and convenient insights that can be understood and acted upon regardless of your level of understanding and skill set.

We built this platform to free up our time and improve our own way of working and performance so we can be of more benefit and share with people who want the same for their businesses and their lives – we hope our suite of tools help you to spend more time implementing and celebrating your wins and to continue to add value you didn’t even know you were looking for!

Our Experience

We have been heavily involved in digital marketing for 25 years’ and between the founders of The Marketing Brain we have core specialisms and experience in conversion focused SEO and PPC, user experience, branding and development. We are an incredibly complementary team of people each with a comprehensive understanding of how to analyse, utilize, and monopolize upon data insights across multiple digital marketing channels through conversion based optimization to produce superior results and ROI and an unwavering desire for as many people to benefit from our knowledge as possible.

Our Beliefs

 We fundamentally believe all marketers should have transparent easy to access cross channel data insights and understanding at their fingertips to make more intelligent marketing decisions without having to have expert level knowledge or work all hours God sends. We wish for our platform to help eradicate the lack of sharing that occurs in our industry. We believe every marketer should be able to access, understand and action data insights of consequence across their entire marketing ecosystem focused on meaningful engagement, conversions and ROI to exponentially improve their businesses and lives.

Our Mission

 To make expert, cross channel digital marketing insights quick, easy and accessible to help improve marketing quality and performance! Our tools take away all the hard work and complexity of data collation and analysis so you can quickly focus on making intelligent decisions and actions for superior results. We have spent years’ manually trawling through and identifying useful data across multiple marketing platforms and channels, painstakingly piecing together an understanding of meaningful insights. We have now applied this data intelligence within The Marketing Brain to enable more people to benefit from it.

Meet the Minds Behind The Marketing Brain

Derek Booth – Founder & Mastermind

Derek is highly recognised as an incredibly well rounded and seasoned pro in the world of digital marketing world having been involved in online marketing since 1998 (the year that Google started out!).

A rare gem within digital marketing as he is equally skilled and experienced in both SEO and PPC. Where most SEO’s find Google Ads and PPC intimidating Derek has embraced and mastered both worlds and has taught many top SEO’s his proprietary PPC methodologies that improve insights, learning and conversions across the board rather than just the glory of 1st page positions!

Derek has also been integral to many international ground breaking SEO and PPC mastermind ‘think tanks’ monitoring and testing Google’s algorithms, was named one of the top Search Engine Intelligence Agency (SIA) SEO Influencers, and will be one of the key, invitation only ‘All Star Speakers’ at this years’ infamous SEO Rockstar’s conference for the 3rd time.

Most importantly Derek has enormous integrity in everything that he does and a deep unshakable desire for as many people as possible to be able to have access to the understanding and knowledge that come with his vast years of skills and experience.

Derek birthed the idea of The Marketing Brain many moons ago as a way to share the benefit of his knowledge and to remove the time and complexity from mining for insightful, conversion based, brand data insights to allow more marketers access to this highly effective process.

Dori Friend - Founder, SIA & SEO Rockstars

"Derek has become the lethal weapon with PPC and SEO that you need to know… AND learn from!"

Dori Friend – Founder, SIA & SEO Rockstars

Kyle Roof - Founder, Page Optimizer Pro (POP)

"I do a lot of SEO and some PPC. Derek's course has helped me make a lot of money in both channels. In particular, I've been able to identify better keywords that make both my SEO and PPC campaigns more successful."

Kyle Roof – Founder, Page Optimizer Pro (POP)

sally kelly profile picture

Sally Kelly – Co Founder, UX Lead

Sally provides Derek with a comprehensive compliment of skills with 2 decades of experience in user and conversion focused digital marketing, PPC, data analysis, sales, customer experience and advocacy and a full spectrum of experience across the entire customer and brand journey.

Specialising in humanising the digital world through intuitive branding, user interfaces and user focused platforms that beautifully align brands with their ideal audiences, Sally was perfectly placed to assist Derek to bring The Marketing Brain to life. She is relentless in her endeavour for the platform to feel effortlessly intuitive, provide extraordinary benefit and continually evolve to fulfil users needs and provide exceptional value.

Sally will tell you that she is good at what she does because she is technically savvy enough to understand and translate the digital world but still a luddite at heart and much more ‘human focused’ than ‘tech focused’. Therefore she can easily bridge the gap, putting herself in the position of the user to better understand their needs.

Her brilliance is in her sheer commitment and determination to make things work better for all parties and the level of detail she is motivated to drill down to in order to realise the bigger picture.

Much like Derek, Sally has always invested in sharing cross channel data and insights with other agencies and marketing professionals for the overall benefit of clients and is delighted to be a driving force behind a platform that removes the barriers to such data sharing within the industry. 


david truby profile picture

"Sally not only helped me embrace online marketing with PPC campaigns that doubled new business, exponentially increased our ROI and continued to grow YOY but went above and beyond to help me align my marketing efforts and teams for maximum benefit across all channels."

David Truby – Managing Director, Greensleeves Lawncare Franchise

miriam howarth profile picture

"Sally is one of the most remarkable people I have come across in my career. She shows real dedication and determination to deliver for her clients, exceeds expectations (& KPIs) and importantly, achieves where others have failed. Additionally, Sally is a delight to work with and able to educate and inspire those she works with."

Miriam Howarth – Digital Marketing Manager, Select property

Zahid Habib – Co-Founder, Development Lead

Zahid is a highly accomplished developer and The Marketing Brain’s secret weapon handling everything that Derek, Sally and the platform demand of him with skillful mastery, patience, grace and an endless passion and enthusiasm to make the platform perform at its highest potential.

When dealing with developers a common phrase is ‘anything is possible but…’ and this where Zahid excels as the ‘but’ in this instance often provides alternatives which achieve the same desired result but in a better or more efficient way.

At Derek’s side for over 5 years’ Zahid is highly aligned with the user focus of the rest of the team. He has carefully crafted the platform to ensure it delivers on all levels and behind the scenes Zahid quietly and efficiently manages the company’s team of developers and all technical aspects of the platform.


zahid habib the marketing brain director